woensdag, maart 26

Citaat uit het OIC "Islamophobia Report"


The highly provocative documentary film that was produced by the controversial Dutch parliamentarian Mr. Geert Wilders defiling the Holy Quran and that the documentary would be broadcasted in March, 2008 in the Netherlands caused enormous concerns to the OIC. Immediately after being informed of this alarming development, the OIC General Secretariat addressed a strong note of concern to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Riyadh drawing its attention to the concerns of the Muslim World. The General Secretariat requested the Dutch Government’s intervention in taking immediate steps and measures to stop the broadcasting of the documentary.


The OIC Secretary General reiterated the OIC’s strong concern at Mr. Wilders' action and cautioned the Dutch Foreign Minister that the broadcast and distribution of the documentary could spark off strong repercussions that might go out of hand and become difficult to contain. He told the Dutch Foreign Minister that the best option available to avoid a bad situation would be to do the needful in stopping Mr. Wilders from exhibiting the film and that the Dutch Government should impose all necessary measures in this regard. The Dutch Foreign Minister acknowledged the possible dangerous consequences of the broadcast of the documentary film and told the OIC Secretary General that freedom of expression did not give unconditional right to insult.

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